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Production and technical complex «ERA» LLC


ERA is a manufacturer of natural laundry and toilet soap for already 15 years. The complex is located in Dneprodzerzhinsk in the vicinity of «Dniproazot» which is one of the suppliers of basic raw materials for the production of various types of solid soap.

Production is equipped with automatic lines of CIS countries and the foreign companies’ production, and it has its own laboratory. The modernization of the industrial equipment and the improvement of quality of the made production are carried out constantly.

The specialists of the company developed specifications for production of soaps, which is different from state standard by more strict requirements for the quality of products, and received the hygienic conclusions on its release on these specifications. The own developed process of soap manufacture allowed to improve quality, soapiness, aroma, and convenience of storage.

From the moment of foundation, the production has developed at the expense of the quality improvement, the improvement of the equipment, and the increase of qualified employees involved in process of production.

Only natural components are used as raw materials – the superior quality fat-containing substances of a vegetable and animal origin, tropical vegetable oils. Only qualitative raw materials from the best Ukrainian producers and from foreign producers are used. Fragrances for toilet soap are bought from known global manufacturers which deliver fragrances to such well known brands as Procter&Gamble and Iniveler.  

The company received necessary standards and permissions which allow making the different sizes of soap.

Performs mass production of soap in range: the toilet – 75 g, 100 g, 135 g, 200 g and laundry 72% – 150 g 200 g, 250 g, 350 g. Priority markets: Germany, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia. Export experience to the EU - missing. Planned export products: laundry soap 72%, toilet soap. Code - 3401 Certification: quality control under ISO 9001:2009.


Igor Zhuckov – Director


*: Fucik Str., 18, office 58, Dnipropetrovs’k, 49000 Ukraine 

Company registration code: 30745698

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 788-14-74 / +38 (056) 732-41-10

E-Mail: [email protected]

Web-site: www.era-soap.com.ua

Contact person: Igor Zhuckov – Director






State Enterprise Research-Industrial Complex «Pavlograd Chemical Plant»


State Enterprise Research-Industrial Complex «Pavlograd Chemical Plant» (SE RIC PCP) was established in 1929 as an enterprise for production of explosive materials and charging of ammunition for various purposes (artillery, aviation, navy, engineering etc.).

In the 1960s the enterprise started production of composite solid propellants, loaded motor cases and rocket motors of weight 1 kg to 50000 kg.

Nowadays SE RIC PCP is one of the leading Ukrainian enterprises in the fields of

  • Production:

-    explosives, composite solid rocket propellants and items of their content;

-    drilling and blasting operations;

  • Disposal:

-    various types of ammunition unsuitable for further storage and application;

-    solid propellant;

  • Scientific research on:

-    development of high-energetic materials and items;

-    development of technologies for production and disposal of explosive materials and items;

  • Design and engineering:

-    technologies and equipment for production and disposal of explosion and fire dangerous materials and items;

-    technologies and tailored equipment for production of polymer and composite materials.


Production activities, services, scientific, research and development activities of the enterprise are ISO certified:


State Enterprise Research-Industrial Complex «Pavlograd Chemical Plant» participates in programs:


  1. On elimination of strategic armaments, within of «The Treaty Between the USA and the USSR on Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms» signed 31/07/1991, and its Lisbon START Protocol signed 23/05/1992, regarding Ukraine’s commitments on eliminating ICBM SS-24;


  1. Comprehensive Programme of Stage-by-stage Reduction and Elimination of ICBM SS-24 approved by the President’s Instruction of 02/12/1997;
  2. Programme on Disposal of Solid Propellant of ICBM SS-24 approved by Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No.1684 dated 29/10/2000 (read with Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No.1262 dated 22/09/2004);
  3. Programme on Disposal of Conventional Types of Ammunition Unsuitable for Further Application and Storage approved by Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No.40 - 1 of 20/01/1995;
  4. Regional Comprehensive Programme on Conversion of Mining Enterprises to Use of Environmentally Safe and TNT-free Explosives; Development of blasting science in Ukraine (Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No.21858/45 of 27/01/1996).


The Enterprise is a member of the Interdepartmental Enterprise Association of Producers and Consumers of Industrial Explosives «Ukrvzryvprom» (Ukrainian Explosive Industry). Leading specialists of the enterprise are members of the International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE).


State Enterprise Research-Industrial Complex «Pavlograd Chemical Plant» maintains long-term mutually beneficial cooperation on production supplies and offering services to foreign companies in 20 countries all over the world.


For more detailed information please visit the Internet website of the company: http://www.ric-phz.com.ua/index.php?pages=about&ln=en.


Leonid Shiman -  General Director – General Designer of solid propellant rocket motors (SPRM), PhD


*: 44, Zavodskaya St., Pavlograd, Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine, 51402

Company registration code: 14310112

Phone/fax: +38 (0563) 211-008 / +38 (0563) 211-001

E-Mail: [email protected]

Web-site: www.ric-phz.com.ua






Wallpaper Factory «VINIL» LLC


«VINIL» LLC is one of the leaders of Ukrainian wallpaper business for 19 years. The establisment produces all types wallpaper known in the world, according to European standards, on paper and flizeline base, under a trade mark «LANITA».

Unchangeably high European level of «LANITA» trade mark products is secured by strict demands to the quality of both raw materials and finished products. The production capacities of enterprise allow produce to 3 million rolls of wallpaper per month. As an enterprise-producer, we have practically unlimited possibilities for fulfilling the needs of even the most demanding clients.

We offer more than 3000 types of wallpaper and permanent addition to the assortment new collections, created in own Design Studio, delivery of products to the customers and many others. High production capacities and technological equipment allow to us also produce exclusive parties by design or pictures of customer in the earliest possible dates.

Basic direction in the production of our factory is producing: wallpapers of hot-stamping both on a paper and flizeline base, vinyl wallpapers, wallpapers steady to washing, vinyl wallpapers for painting.

  1. 1.    Vinyl wallpapers
  • Measuring 10,05 х 0,53 (м), have group ВНК and 05. They are vinyl, relief, profile wallpapers on paper basis, with causing of Polyvinyl chloride coverage and printed picture, by the deep stencilled print. Every group has no less than 30 designs, each of which contains a various colour gamut.
  1. 2.    Wallpapers steady to washing
  • Measuring 10,05 х 0,53 (м) have group  МНК. This type of wallpapers is the vinyl wallpapers on paper base, got the method of the screen printing , similarly, and on some types of deep print, with causing of polyvinyl chloride coverage and printed picture. These wallpapers are very practical and steady to washing, they can be glued for this reason, in such places as a kitchen, bathroom, corridor. The great number of designs and rich palette of colors can satisfy can satisfy even the most demanding clients.
  1. 3.    Wallpapers vinyl for painting
  • Measuring 15,00 х 0,53 (м) have groups 18, 26, ПНК. Wallpapers on paper basis with causing of polyvinyl chloride coverage and printed picture, by the deep screen print. Riches of designer decisions will help to make your choice you exactly for them. The feature of this group consists in that they can be repainted to 5 times, changing here a situation in your house without the special efforts.
  • Measuring 25,00 х 1,06 have a group С. It wallpapers not toned on flizeline base, with causing of polyvinyl chloride coverage and printed picture, by the screen printing.  Wallpapers on flizeline base are a basic type of wallpapers for painting, which guarantees the ideal surface of the pasted over walls. Similarly give an opportunity to paint walls in any colour gamut no less than 7 times.
  • Measuring 10,05 х 1,06 have group НХ, ДХ. This type of wallpapers on flizeline base toned, with causing of polyvinyl chloride coverage and printed picture, by the screen printing. Most popular type of wallpapers of world practice. Very practical, have a rich assortment of designs and wide palette of colors. This group can be painted similarly no less than 7 times.
  1. 4.    Wallpapers of hot-stamping
  • Measuring 10,05 х 0,53 (м). Vinyl relief, embossing wallpapers on paper base, with causing of polyvinyl chloride coverage and printed picture, by the screen printing method, deep printing and calendering. Causing of relief takes place by a hot method, that allows to obtain an especially high-quality, lasting structure and aesthetic type of surface. In addition, these wallpapers can be used for laminating of premises affected by more powerful loads and high humidity.
  • Measuring 10,05 х 1,06 (м) have group ФШТ,ТФШ,VIP class. It is wallpapers of hot-stamping on flizeline base. They are not simply beautiful and stylish, and similarly the very durable are steady to influence of moisture and light, does not lose a kind on expiration of many years. Elegance of designs of these groups, beauty and aesthetic riches, allows to go at one level with the world producers of wallpaper industry.

Quality certificates and hygienical conclusions of Ukraine and Russia, applying ISO 9001 quality standard, «Vyshcha proba» (The highest Probe) trade mark, diplomas from international trade shows, appraisals of the European experts, trade representatives in the countries of the former USSR and numerous clients in Europe and Asia substantiate our, gained by years of work, serious reputation of leading Ukrainian wallpapers producer and a reliable partner in business.

Wallpaper factory «VINIL » is a modern growing and improving company. We value and appreciate the high rate of «LANITA» trademark, being included in the list of the leading Ukrainian brands on the wallpaper market. We are proud of our reputation of  the serious and reliable partner, opened for cooperation and oriented on achieving good and high results.

We are prepared for mutually profitable business relations with new clients and we do appreciate the trust of our constant clients. We are glad that trough the years our relationship became even firmer, they expand and assist stability and development of our mutual business.


Link to the catalog - https://www.dropbox.com/s/stye6ishdu2s87r/catalog.zip?dl=0


Vitaliy Tsygankov – General Director


*:  174, Geroev Stalingrada Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49057 Ukraine

Company registration code: 25513976

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 371-45-76 / +38 (0562) 31-05-03

E-Mail: [email protected], [email protected]

Web-site: www.lanita.com.ua

Contact person: Alexander Tyelyegin - Head of wholesale foreign trade trends (Mobile: +38 (067) 632-56-29, e-mail: [email protected]






Limited Liability Company «Vitan»


Limited Liability Company «Vitan» (LLC «Vitan») was established in 2002. Before it was part of Dneprovskiy Starch Plant, which is located in Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine. Shop for production of B-carotene was built in 1978 – 1981.

The company specializes in producing of products and other matters by microbiological synthesis. These products include, above all, preparations of beta-carotene, intended for use in food, forage for livestock, and other industries.


Product type for export, harmonized code: natural carotenoid biomass (3203001000).


Vladimir Gorchakov - Director


*: 10-A, Kievskaya str., pgt. Dneprovsky, Verhnedneprovsky district, Dnipropetrovs’k region, 51650 Ukraine

Company registration code: 32128359

Phone/fax: +38 (05658) 4-47-80

E-Mail: [email protected]

Contact person: Nikita Grubov – Financial Director



Limited Liability Company «ACC»


The company «ACC» LLC was founded in 2000 and is an ambitious and highly professional company. During its existence, the company has made a step in the development of the food industry in Ukraine and shows stability in the ever-increasing performance in terms of production and sales of a wide range of tomato paste and sauces in consumer packaging. Quality raw materials and advanced technology allow the company to bring to the attention of consumers high quality products at fairly prices.

LLC «ACC» provides consumers with products under the trademark «Pomidora». TM «Pomidora» - is not only a wide range of tomato paste and sauces, it is also a high quality of product, reasonable price and unforgettable taste.

Today, Trademark «Pomidora» is one of the leading companies producing tomato paste and sauces in Ukraine.


UCCFEA code: ketchup (21031000), sauces (21032000), mayonnaise sauce (21039090).


Andrey Nikitin - Director


*: 1-A, Molodezhnaya Str., v. Shyroke, Kryvyi Rih district, Dnipropetrovs’k region, 53070 Ukraine

Company registration code: 30260000

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 477-26-20 (12),  +38 (056) 477-25-45

E-Mail: [email protected][email protected]

Web-site: www.pomidora.com

Contact person:  Andrey Nikitin – Director



Limited Liability Company «Waiz»


«Waiz» LLC produces equipment for food industry on its own facilities and production areas: corn snacks fully automatic production and packaging lines; instant cereals production line; packaging machines UAFU-WAIZ; extruder EKP-250; inclined bucket conveyor; roaster; mixer. «Waiz» LLC uses certificate of conformity CE.

Equipment is sold on the domestic market of Ukraine and abroad. Companies in Poland, Russia, USA, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Algeria, Turkmenistan, Armenia operate and make profit on the «Waiz» LLC equipment.

Using the equipment of own production, «Waiz» LLC produces a wide range of products (baby food, instant cereals, corn puffs/ball also glazed), that are sold successfully in major retail chains in Ukraine.

Baby food range: 2 and 4 cereals mix, corn, rice, buckwheat, semolina. All products are based on dairy-free extruded cereals, gluten-free, easily digestible, especially recommended for children suffering diathesis and do not require cooking.

Instant cereals (18 species) include: monocereal, multicereals, fortified, with addition of natural skim milk, sugar, dried fruits. All products are non-GMO, w/o adding colors, flavors, preservatives and other harmful additives.

It necessary to admit that in 2009 «Waiz» LLC has received international certificates of the European Union: «Food safety management system» (HACCP) ISO22000: 2007, «Food safety management system» according to State Standards of Ukraine 4161-2003, «Quality Management System» ISO 9001:2001.

Dnipropetrovs’k Food Company «Waiz» LLC is interested in export of its equipment and production. Company is looking for potential contractors.


Sergey Nazarenko - General Director


*: 10, Sobinova Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49083 Ukraine

Company registration code: 14354983

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 725-12-77

E-Mail: [email protected]

Web-site: www.waiz.com.ua

Contact person: Sergey Nazarenko - Director


«Waiz» LLC has subsidiary company «Ola-PPHU LTD» (2002) in EU, Poland:


*: 62, Kasprowicza Str. # 16, 01-871 Warsaw, Poland

Phone/fax: +48 693 220 265

E-Mail: [email protected]

Contact person: Andrey Nazarenko - General Director



Limited Liability Company «ALAN»


Meat-processing enterprise «ALAN» LLC 15 years on the market, known on the market of Ukraine as the producer of high quality sausage products and meat delicatessen, pork meat and offals,  marketed all over Ukraine.

         High quality character of products of our enterprise is the number of diplomas and awards received at All-Ukrainian and International specialized exhibitions: «SMAK» (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007), «EKATERINOSLAV FAIR» (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008), «AGRO» (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010), «SOROCHYNSK FAIR» (2006, 2007, 2008), «World Food Ukraine» «Gold medal of quality» received from the international commission of quality control (2008, 2013), stated in «The Book of Records of Ukraine» (2009), «The Quality Mark» (2011, 2012, 2013).

All products are certified and have confirming quality documents: Quality Certificate, Veterinary Certificate.

Quality management system ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP that provides reliable security and quality of products was implemented and applied on our enterprise.

The main products of company:

  • raw-smoked sausage and cooked sausage of premium quality;
  • cooked sausages and cooked linked sausages of premium quality;
  • meat raw materials;
  • pork offals;
  • 1st and 2nd pork carcass class.


Vladimir Krykhta - Director


*: 26, Startovaya Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49041 Ukraine

Company registration code: 24447183

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 777-18-43

E-Mail: [email protected]

Web-site: www.alan.ua

Contact person: Andrey Romnov - Department of Foreign Trade



Private Joint Stock Company «Dnipropetrovs’k food concentrates plant»

(TM Zolote zerno)


Company Private Joint Stock Company «Dnipropetrovs’k food concentrates plant» (TM Zolote zerno) on the food market are 75 years of age. Today he is one of the largest in Ukraine. Our company is committed to providing useful, functional foods, the purpose of which - to preserve and promote the health of consumers. The range of products the plant has more than 130 items. The priority of our company is the perfection of quality and assortment of products focused on the needs of the consumer. More details can be found with an assortment of online businesses.


Alexander Kovrov - Director


*: 1, Molodogvardeyskaya Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49800 Ukraine       

Company registration code: 00374048

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 721-25-35

Web-site: www.zolote-zerno.com.ua

Contact person: Sergey Teleshun - Head of Foreign Trade Department, Anna Goryanaya – manager of Foreign Trade Department




Limited Liability Company «MEGANOM–AP»


Our company, «Meganom-AP» LLC  has experience in distribution of honey since 2006.

Our aim is to promote Ukrainian honey, especially the most widespread type of it - sunflower.

We offer natural honey of Ukrainian origin, crop 2014, Ukrainian National Standard No.4497:2005.


Product: Natural honey, trade mark «Prostomed».


Shipments: By lots (3000 – 21000 kg each).



  • Extracted honey: in 200, 400 or 700 gram original polypropylene (PP) containers,

18, 12 or 6 pcs. in each carton accordingly;

Wholesale homogenized: in 15 to 40 kg PP buckets  and in 290 kg metal food barrels;

  • Cut comb honey: in 125, 250 or 300 gram original PP containers, 24, 12 or 12 pcs. in each carton accordingly.


Marking: Upon customer’s requirements.


Delivery terms: FCA Kryvyi Rih or DAT place of delivery.


Delivery period: no more then 30 days upon signing the contract.


Supplementary information: Normal volume of deliveries: 10-40 tons per month. Routine shipments to Germany,France, Republic of Belarus, and Russian Federation: in 200, 400 or 700 gram or 15, 28,polypropylene containers and in  300 kgfood barrels, share of the market in Belarus-about 30% of packed honey; our company is enrolled in the list of Ukrainian exporters of honey. Our cut comb honey won the gold medal at the WBA Apimondia 2013.


We accept payment in any currency. Any packing on customer’s request. Ready to deliver homogenized honey parties up to 21 tons with increased requirements on moisture, HMF, the content of pollutants.


Honey is tested in our production lab, veterinary laboratory in Dnipropetrovs’k, QSI in Bremen on such indicators: toxic elements ( lead, arsenic, cadmium, pesticides ), residues of antibiotic and veterinary drugs, water content, content of reducing sugars, diastase, HMF, radionuclides (cesium, strontium), contaminations.

Shipping documents: cargo custom declaration, commercial invoice, certificate of origin, certificate of quality, regulated laboratory test report, veterinary certificate, CMR, TIR.


Anatoliy Saltan - General Director


*: 12, Okruzhna Str., Kryvyi Rih, Dnipropetrovs’k region, 50025 Ukraine

Company registration code: 33179011

Web-site: prostomed.com.ua

Contact person: Tatiana Taran -  International Trade Manager (Phone: +38 (063) 185-03-92, +38 (063) 185-03-90; e-mail: [email protected])






Public Joint Stock Company «Dneprovagonmash»


Public Joint Stock Company «Dneprovagonmash» is one of the leading enterprises in Ukraine and CIS countries in designing and manufacturing of freight wagons for main railways and various industries.

Sales markets: Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries, Africa and the Middle East.

     Has no experience of supply to EU countries.

Types of products that will be exported:

  • gondola cars (code 8606 92 000);
  • universal flat cars and flat cars for containers (code 8606 99 000);
  • hopper cars for grain, cement, fertilizer, etc. (code 8606 30 00 00);
  • dumpcars (code 8606 30 00 00);
  • universal covered cars (code 8606 91 80 00);
  • tank cars (code 8606 10 00 00);
  • bogies of freight wagons (code 8607 12 00 00);
  • containers for collecting, storage, transportation of bulk, not briquetted nonradiative    goods (code 8609 00 90 00).

Also we are interested in cooperation – manufacturing by PJSC «Dneprovagonmash» any welded steel structures (in accordance with individual customer requirements) and subsequent delivery to the foreign companies for the final assembly of products.

Quality Management System and products of PJSC «Dneprovagonmash» corresponds to the requirements of ISO 9001 and certified in UkrSEPRO (Ukraine) and SSZHT (Russian Federation).

The company is working on obtaining a certificate of conformity to the International Railway Industry Standard IRIS.

PJSC «Dneprovagonmash» also is considering the opportunity to supply production according to regulatory requirements of the European Union.


Andrey Kobylyakov - General Director


*: 4, Ukrainskaya Str., Dniprodzerzhins’k, Dnipropetrovs’k region, 51925 Ukraine

Company registration code: 05669819

Phone: +38 (0569) 51-59-67, +38 (05692) 3-30-46, 3-22-42

Fax: +38 (05692) 3-26-38, 3-36-04

E-Mail: [email protected], [email protected]

Web-site: http://dvmash.biz/

Contact person: Eduard Shubert - Head of Marketing Department



Public Joint Stock Company «Dnipropetrovs’ky Strilotchny Zavod»


During the 98 years the Public Joint Stock Company «Dnipropetrovs’ky Strilotchny Zavod» (PJSC «DnSZ») manufactures products for the main railways, approach lines of industrial enterprises, mines, open pits, underground railways. The plant has, as a part of the production departments, two workshops of carbon and manganese steel casting with the total production volume of 14 200 tons per year of suitable casting.

PJSC «DnSZ» is specialized in production of Permanent Way elements including the turnouts of type R65, R50, R43, UIC60, 49E1 of the wide gauges (1520, 1524 mm) and narrow gauges (1435, 900, 750 mm) with electronic and manual switch devices, diamonds of various marks, for main railways, for the transport of industrial enterprises, mines, open pits, underground railways (CNFT code 86080000).  In particular it is possible to manufacture the individual parts and units for the turnouts and diamonds (individual frogs, stock rails and tongues in the assembly, plates with spike fastening (SDL), plates with concrete sleepers fastening (KBL), flanged plates with screw fastening (SKL), plates for the screw separate fastening with canting (KDL) and etc.

The turnout component parts are separate frogs, monoblocks and  crossing noses, which are casted from steel 110H13с (Hadfield steel, cast, average carbon content is 1.1%, average manganese content is 13%) according to the no-bake technology on the Italian  automatic IMF molding line.

Years of experience in manufacturing of these products has achieved the maximum wear resistance and quality.

Today, the company also mastered and successfully implemented the production made of steel 110H13с (no-bake technology on the Italian  automatic IMF molding line) for mining industry:

  • crushing plates for jaw crushers SMD (stationary crusher machine), SM (stationary machine), DRO;
  • linings and armors for different types of mills;
  • bucket teeth for excavators EKG-5A (pit tracked excavator), EKG-8I (pit tracked excavator). 

We have an extensive experience in manufacturing of crushing plates for imported crushers Metso Minerals C, Komatsu BR 580JG-1; BR 380JG-1, etc.

We also have the opportunity to manufacture from the steel 110H13с of the following products for tram railways:

  • Frog, type Tv-65 R 31534 (length – 2437, width – 563);
  • Grooved casted rail,  type Tv-65 (L=4000 with joint holes on the one end).

Steel casting workshop #2 in addition to the turnout component units manufactures carbon steel products (steel grade 20L-35L, average carbon content – 0.2%-0,35%) for the rail transport as following list:

Permanent way materials:

Casted plates: KBL 65, SDL 65, SKL 65, KDL 65, KBL 50, SDL 50, SKL 50, DL 43 (spike fastening with canting for rail R43),  SKL 49, SKL 60 ( for rail UIC 60);

  1. Joint Butt plate: for rail type R43, for tram rail type 62;
    1. Clips: PKL ( for separate fastening on the plates with high flange);
      1. Fastenings for curved sectors SKD 65.

Tram railways:

  1. Outside casted butt plate – NZL (length – 640, width -137.15, thickness - 42);
  2. Inside casted butt plate – NVL (length – 640, width - 115.35, thickness  - 42).

Wagon casting:

  1. Triangle pad, drawing № 100.40.008-2
  2. Worm sector (without mechanical treatment), drawing № 0000.20.15;
  3. Fixing bracket, drawing № 106.00.008-1;
  4. Support bracket, drawing № 4012.02.276; 
  5. A hook, drawing №757.45.035.

Supplying demands of the Ukrainian market, the enterprise exports its products to all CIS countries. The switches produced in Dnipropetrovs’k Railway Switch Plant are successfully operated in Cuba, Mongolia, Syria, Guinea, Pakistan, Iraque, Vietnam, Bulgaria, India, Iran and Turkey.

Plant production is certified  in system of certification of  UKRSEPRO, certificates are issued by DOSZhT (State Enterprise «Dnipropetrovs’k certification body of the rail transport»)  and in the certification Register on Federal railway transport Ministries of Railways of the Russian Federation, certificates are issued by FBU «RS FZT» (Federal Budget Institution «Register certification by the federal railways»). Every year the enterprise confirms the product certificate compliance.  As well the quality management system is implemented and works in the plant according to DSTU ISO 9001:2009 № UA 2.099.07610-13 registered in system of certification of UKRSEPRO, (given April 02, 2013 valid until April 01, 2018) and according ISO 9001:2008 № 44 100 101 328 and registered in TUV NORD CERT ( German) (given August 30, 2013, valid until August 20, 2016).

The enterprise has a certified laboratory that allows careful express control of the products chemical composition for compliance with state standards (GOST) and specifications (TU). Products are provided with quality certificate.

For more detailed information please visit the Internet website of the company: http://dsz.dp.ua

The production base of the enterprise has the ability to increase capacity and meet the needs of the most demanding customers. So, now the plant is focused on increasing of the supply volume to the countries of Europe, CIS, China and other countries that are focused on improving the network of railway traffic.

Welcome to fruitful cooperation. The PJSC «DnSZ» Design department with qualified specialists can develop a project according with buyer`s order and the enterprise performs all customer requirements. The Model outfit is manufactured on the modern equipment with software using.

Catalogue of the turnout production (http://dsz.dp.ua/ru/katalog_produktcii/ in Russian, http://dsz.dp.ua/en/katalog_produktcii/ in English).


Sergey Taranenko - Chairman of the Board – General Director


*: 181, Belostotskogo Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49098 Ukraine

Company registration code: 14367980

Phone: + 38 (0562) 38-44-64

Fax: +38 (056) 790-21-23

E-Mail: [email protected]

Web-site: http://dsz.dp.ua

Contact person: Nataliya Shevtsova - Head for Sale & Marketing Department 



Private Joint Stock Company «Ukrenergoremont»


Private Joint Stock Company «Ukrenergoremont» (PJSC «Ukrenergoremont») was established in March 1995 and specializes in the supply of components and spare parts for diesel engines of locomotives and railway rolling stock equipment, being the official dealer of State Enteprise «Malyshev Plant» (Kharkiv, Ukraine), Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Turbonasos» (Voronezh, Russian Federation), JSC «Penzdizelmash» (Russian Federation). In 2008 PJSC «Ukrenergoremont» established its production bases, which include modern milling and boring machines (manufactured by «SPINNER», Germany) as well as turning (manufactured by DMG «GILDEMEISTER», Germany) machining centres, equipment for turning, milling, boring, grinding, broaching, gear-hobbing, profile and heat treatment of metals. This equipment allows for handling parts such as bodies of rotation of maximum diameter Ø max 630 mm and length L max 2800 mm, as well as body parts having a maximum size of 860 mm × 610 mm × 500 mm with an accuracy of processing 6÷14 qualitet. Our company employs highly skilled technicians and workers. Quality management system in PJSC «Ukrenergoremont» is certified and complies with the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001:2009.

Currently the company manufactures component assemblies and parts for diesel engines of locomotives and railway rolling stock equipment, energy and pumping equipment, vehicles and also tools for pipe rolling production. The main consumers of products manufactured by PJSC «Ukrenergoremont» are SE «Malyshev Plant» (Kharkiv, Ukraine), JSC «Yaroslavl Wagon Repair Plant «Remputmash» (Yaroslavl, Russian Federation), Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Turbonasos» (Voronezh, Russian Federation), State Scientific and Production Association «FORT» (Vinnitsa, Ukraine), PJSC «Dnipropetrovsk Locomotive Plant» (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine), PJSC «Centravis Production Ukraine» (Nikopol, Ukraine), as well as the enterprises of «Ukrainian Railways» and the enterprises of mining and metallurgical complex, etc.

Images of typical products manufactured by PJSC «Ukrenergoremont»:

  • Energy accumulator;
  • Pneumocylinders 770.05.010СБ, 770.06.300СБ;
  • Pneumocylinders of control units;
  • Coupling 2981.01.03.150СБ;
  • Bearing unit 2981.01.03.100СБ;
  • Sprockets 2981.01.03.102, 2981.01.03.001, 2981.06.004, 2981.06.008, 2981.01.08.201;
  • Carter;
  • 2 and 3-way sliding valves 770.08.060СБ, 770.08.050СБ;
  • Lashing С3800;
  • Cover of ball valves control unit;
  • Plug coupler of ball valves control unit;
  • Frames of aviation units;
  • Straightening apparatus for oil pump;
  • Directing apparatus for oil pump;
  • Stator cover for oil pump;
  • Impeller for oil pump;
  • Pistons 1-5Д49.22.1Сб, 2-5Д49.22.1Сб for diesels of locomotives;
  • The intake and exhaust valves Д50.09.009, Д50.09.010 for diesels of locomotives;
  • Levers 3А-6Д49.92.4 СБ-2,  Д49.78.6СБ for gas distribution mechanism in diesels of locomotives;
  • Thrust and radial bearing 3409.00.110СБ;
  • Hydropusher Д49.78.8СБ-1;
  • Indicator cock 6Д49.87СБ;
  • Injector holder;
  • Piston pin 5Д49.17.06-3;
  • Piston pin Д67.08.43.00СБ;
  • Torsion shaft 10.Д100.08.100 and interconnecting shaft 9 Д 100.37.141;
  • The upper shaft Д 100.08.005-3;
  • The lower shaft Д 100.08.057-4;
  • The drive shaft 2 Д 50.34.006;
  • Guide bushing 5 Д 49.78.04;
  • Chamfering countersink for pipe production;
  • Roller for pipe rolling machine;
  • Needle for pipe rolling


Yuriy SiroklinGeneral Director 


*: 37-B, 10-th October Str., Kryvyi Rih, Dnipropetrovs’k region, 50004 Ukraine

Company registration code: 21888124

Phone/fax: +38 (0564) 903-456, +38 (0564) 903-602

E-Mail: [email protected]

Web-site: www.ukrenergoremont.com.ua



State Enterprise «Dnipropetrovs’k scientific-and-production complex Elektrovozobuduvannya»


The State Enterprise «Dnipropetrovs’k scientific-and-production complex Elektrovozobuduvannya» (SE «SPC «Elektrovozobuduvannya») actively searches partners.

SE «SPC «Elektrovozobuduvannya» - is an Ukrainian enterprise engaged in production and realization of traction aggregates, mainline and mine electric locomotives; owns ample technical and technological capacities for production electric railway transport and carries out all kinds of production activities that are necessary for electric locomotives production (http://devs.com.ua). The enterprise was founded in 1934.

In 1958 the works organized production of traction aggregates for quarries, that nowadays are successfully used at mining-and-processing integrated works of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia.

In pursuance of the State program, the specialist soft he enterprise together with «SIEMENS» developed the all-purpose cargo and passenger electric locomotive that is operated by DC, type DSZ, in 2002 there had been produced the prototype of the electric locomotive. Till now there are built 18 of main line DC electric locomotives DSZ with asynchronous motor drive. The locomotives DSZ in many aspects surpass all types of electric locomotives used in Ukraine.

Since 2004 the enterprise introduces and maintains the Quality management system ISO 9001-2001.

SE «SPC «Elektrovozobuduvannya» offers cooperation in the following fields of activities:

  • Mechanical works;
  • Casting of ferrous and nonferrous metals;
  • Forging by the method of hammer forging and warm forming;
  • Parts electroplating on zinc, tin, chromium;
  • Production of springs of diameter of 5-45 mm with expanded length of up to 6000 mm;
  • Stamping of ferrous and nonferrous metal sheet (plate thickness up to 6 mm inclusive).


Yevgeniy Martsinyuk - Director


*: 13, Orbital’naya Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49068 Ukraine

Company registration code: 32495626

Phone/fax: +38 (0562) 36-06-72

E-Mail: [email protected]

Web-site: http://devs.com.ua

Contact person: Yuliya Zinchenko (Phone: +38 (056) 371-16-58, e-mail: [email protected])



Public Joint Stock Company «Dnipropetrovs’k Plant for Repair and Building of Passenger Cars»


Public Joint Stock Company «Dnipropetrovs’k Plant for Repair and Building of Passenger Cars» - major repairs and sale of passenger carriages, building of freight carriages, creation of coproduction.


Leonid Taslitskiy – General Director


*: 10, Universalnaya Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49024 Ukraine 

Company registration code: 00554514

Phone/fax: +38(056) 726-47-58, +38(056) 726-47-68

E-Mail: [email protected]

Web-site: www.dvrb.dp.ua

Contact person: Alexander Kosenko - Director on marketing (Phone: +38 (056)-376-40-38, e-mail: [email protected])



Private Enterprise «UkrTechProm»


«UkrTechProm» PE, Dnipropetrovs’k, Ukraine works for more than twenty years in the field of tyres production and deliveries of wide range for motor cars, trucks, light-duty trucks, buses, trolleybuses, minibuses, for agricultural and purpose-built machinery to the Ukrainian and foreign customers.

Since 2009 «UkrTechProm» PE together with «Rosava» Private JSC have produced nine agricultural and trucks tyre types and sizes on modern equipment with advanced technologies use and applications providing optimal quality-cost balance. Tyres are manufactured according to norms of Ukrainian standards and technical conditions. Quality management system of «Rosava» Private JSC complies with demands of  ISO 9001:2008.

Owing to reliability, durability and comfort tyres gained high reputation both in the local and world market.

We provide prompt fulfillment of the Customers orders under beneficial terms and conditions.


Boris Moiseyenko - Founder


*: 2, Matlakhova Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49000 Ukraine

Company registration code: 30392599

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 370-58-81, +38 (056) 370-58-83

E-mail: [email protected]

Web-site: www.utp.com.ua

Contact person: Yuriy Pogrebnoy (Phone: +38 (0562) 32-42-04)



Limited Liability Company «DEKTI»


«DEKTI» LLC - the International forwarding agent, rendering services on service intercontinental container, automobile and the air transportations, providing optimal and most profitable complex of services in any direction.

We will take away a cargo directly from your doors and will deliver it in any parts of the world to the optimal path.

During organization the international transportations our collective DEKTI leans on the professional knowledge and experience, applying the adjusted communications with the various transport companies.

We give for our clients full model IT outsourcing.

Benefits from such cooperation:

  • Quaranteed quality (Outsourcing IT-company has in the staff highly skilled, checked up in fight experts);
  • Economy of time (we it is had necessary technologies, experts, an infrastructure);
  • Economy of means (cost of services on Outsourcing IT much below, than expenses for construction of own IT-structure).

Within limits of services of outsourcing DEKTI LLC offers a universal package of forwarding services:

  • Operative granting of a competitive package of rates (the tariff/transit time) in directions interesting you;
  • Tracking of readiness of a cargo in a warehouse consignor of goods;
  • Nominating of a vessel, the car, the plane under your cargoes;
  • The notice on date of an output of your cargoes;
  • Granting of a draft of the consignment in current of 2-3 days from the moment of an output of your cargo;
  • Tracking of a cargo during all way.

Within limits of services of outsourcing DEKTI LLC offers a universal package of forwarding services:

  • Delivery of container, general, oversized and superheavy cargoes;
  • Delivery of cargoes from a door up to a door;
  • The advanced decisions on the organization of logistics and delivery of cargoes;
  • The fixed tariffs excluding any additional charges;
  • A guarantee of our competence and high quality of service.

DEKTI LLC offers competitive rates on transportations of cargoes in containers by sea, air, railway and motor transport, and high-quality service.

The long-term operational experience in transport-forwarding business has allowed us to establish close partner attitudes practically with all learning carries.

Priority in work of collective of the company DEKTI LLC is constant improvement of quality of service at essential decrease in expenses of clients.

The Company is a member of AIFFU, DCCI.


Igor Tkachuk – Director


*: office 221, floor 2, house 20, Startovaya Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49041 Ukraine

Company registration code: 33475509

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 372-17-07 / +38 (056) 372-72-70

E-Mail: [email protected]

Web-site: www.dekti.dp.ua






Concern «Souzenergo»


Concern «Souzenergo» - a major pipeline fittings Ukrainian plants, combined in a dynamic concern. Souzenergo for many years successfully producing and delivering high-quality energy and general industrial pipe fittings and optional equipment to the enterprises in different industries of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, the Baltic States and other countries.

There are two plants: Souzenergomach, Llc (Severodonetsk) and Pridneprovskiy repair –mechanical plant, PJSC (Dnepropetrovsk). Both plants are located in Ukraine. 

In 2008-2010 cooperating with Central Valve Industry Institute, company run the program of the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine to develop and implement a production power valves, pressure-reducing desuperheating station, fast-response pressure-reducing and desuperheating station, downstream function -  produced similar list as in  «Sibenergomash», «Chekhov» (Russia).


More information:

Catalogue of products - http://www.souzenergo.com/ru/about/


Priority markets:

Priority markets for pipeline valves are EU countries with developed metallurgy, thermal power, chemical, engineering industry.

According to the original equipment markets for priority are:

  • Thermal electric power stations (TPP), combined heat and power plant (CHPP);
  • Chemical companies.

Supply of non-standard equipment production a priority in countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.


Product list:

Pipeline fittings:

  • Full range of energy pipe fittings of high pressure and temperature (check valves, protective, controlling valves, impulsing and locking in all sizes);
  • General-purpose steel gate valves DN50-DN 2400 mm; control type flywheel or electric (electric equipment - on request), a pressure of from 1 to 25 atmospheres;
  • General-purpose latches stainless DN50-Du1400 mm; type of management - the flywheel or the drive, a pressure of from 10 to 25 atmospheres;
  • pressure-reducing desuperheating station.


Production of non-standard equipment:

  • Boilers and steam various capacities, surface heating them in steel grades, both domestic and foreign standards;
  • Steam installation of boilers and turbines, their elements (bends, fittings, bearings, suspension, etc.) with a diameter up to 426 mm and wall thickness up to 60 mm (pressure P = 10 ÷ 225 kgf / cm ², the temperature t = 100 ÷ 575 º C ) OST by high and low pressure;
  • Superheaters convective platen of steels of grades of steel, both domestic and international standards, including austenitisation bends and manufacture of composite joints;
  • Various heat exchangers (low-pressure heaters, oil coolers, PSV of all modifications), including the finned tube;
  • Spirals high pressure heaters of all types of pipes;
  • HRSG using finned tube diameters from 22-85 mm, with a height of 10-26 mm tape;
  • Parts and components of industrial steam boilers with steam pressure up to 4.0 MPa;
  • Parts and components of industrial steam boilers with a vapor pressure greater than 4.0 MPa;
  • Elements of conduits with pressure up to 2.2 MPa or more (tees, elbows, reducers, suspension, etc.);
  • Tubular heaters (water and steam-heat exchangers outside diameter of 1200 mm; exchangers "pipe in pipe" single and multi-sectional diameter of up to 300mm, bundles of carbon and austenitic steels);
  • Vessel equipment (deaerating tanks, vapor cooler, attemperators, air column, hydraulic locks);
  • Expansion device of the thermal displacement (flat-topped, open type, lens).


Experience in export to EU countries:

PJSC «PRMP»: delivery in «TSA-BOLRO» Ltd. (Bulgaria), pipelines details.


Harmonized Custom Tariff Schedule:

Pipeline fittings department: 84811019, 84813091, 84814010, 84818063, 84818085

Energetic and Non-standard equipment department: 84029000, 84195000, 73079399, 84179000, 73089099, 84041000, 73089059.



Concern has permission for the use of the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision and certificates of conformity with technical regulations on ROSS UA system in the Russian Federation. Concern is also approved as a provider of corporate NAEC «Energoatom».


All products are certified by UKRSEPRO - ISO 9001:2008.



Oleg Kil’dishov – General Director


*: 8 Spasskaya Str., Novomoskovsk, Dnipropetrovs’k region, 51200 Ukraine

Company registration code: 31965106

Phone: +38 (0569) 380-160, 380-161, +38 (056) 795-15-21
Fax: +38 (0569) 380-164, +38 (056) 795 -15-17

E-Mail: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Web-site: www.souzenergo.com

Contact person: Aleksey Lushnikov, Director of pipeline fittings department (+38 (067) 632-75-90), Anatoliy Goncharenko, Director of energetic and non-standard equipment department (+38 (067) 562-66-26)



Limited Liability Company «Dneproenergokomplekt»


«Dneproenergokomplekt» LLC is an enterprise belonging to industrial complex of Ukraine in the sphere of manufacturing, sales, repair and installment of heat-and-power engineering equipment for thermoelectric power stations, heat and power plants, and also for metallurgical sector of economics.

One of the major trends of enterprise’s activity is installment and repair of turbo sets for steam and water-heated boilers, gas pipelines, rotated mechanisms.

The enterprise has a license for maintenance of the activities listed above and permission for specialized types of works.

The enterprise employs qualified personnel including welders, fitters and repairers of boiler and turbine equipment.

Our specialists are participated at the installment on nuclear power plant «Busher» in Iraq, heat and power plant «Frija», Guinea, and have a substantial working experience on the objects in Cyprus, Uzbekistan, Byelorussia, Russia, Ukraine.

The enterprise carries out such utility and integral complex as:

  • sections of boilers air-heaters;
  • spare parts of pipelines;
  • spare parts of boilers’ heating surface;
  • boilers, heat exchangers, air-refrigerants, oil-refrigerants, heaters at thermoelectric power stations and heat and power plants;
  • stop valve, which regulates the safety device of low, average and high pressure;
  • nozzles for boilers’ burners.

Following the drafts of a client different metal constructions can be produced, the same goes to repair, installment, and chemical protective and insulating works of industrial equipment.

«Dneproenergokomplekt» LLC conducts an all-round policy aimed at observance of demands made for every particular kind of enterprise’s activity. This policy has been accepted to form a consumer’s loyalty to our services, our products and the effect of satisfaction. Activities and products of «Dneproenergokomplekt» LLC are supplied to the customers in a full conformity to our advertising and strict demand to chosen standards.

«Dneproenergokomplekt» LLC applies effective mechanisms of material and technical management, production process, accomplishment of performed activities ets.

«Dneproenergokomplekt» LLC accepts business offers for further co-operation.


Sergey Parkhomenko - Director


*: 1-B, Sovetskiy Str., Dnipro

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