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Information for investors
10 December 2021 12:53
Business offers to the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Finland regarding the cooperation with the Ukrainian partners should be filled in accordance with  forms of commercial/investment proposals and sent to the Embassy by email ([email protected]).


Office of the National Investment Council of Ukraine
The National Investment Council of Ukraine is an institution that promotes investment and provides advisory solutions for investors. The institution offers priority investment projects support, investment environment improvement, guarantee of the protection of investors’ rights, and assessment in effective cooperation of investors with state authorities. The National Investment Council of Ukraine was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine.


Ukraine Investment Promotion Office
Ukraine Investment Promotion Office (UkraineInvest) was established on October 19, 2016 by a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as an independent advisory body with a mandate to attract and support foreign direct investment and to help improve Ukraine’s image as a secure investment destination.

Export Promotion Office
Export Promotion Office is a consultative and advisory body under the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, that has been founded to help Ukrainian exporters in opening new markets. (Ministry of Economic Development Order No. 1861 as of November 3, 2016).

The latest editions of the Government Agency (UkraineInvest)

Here we present the latest editions of the Government Agency (UkraineInvest):

1. Brochure “Invest in Ukraine NOW” which contains an overview of the main reforms since 2014 and an analysis of the priority sectors of the Ukrainian economy.

2. The statistical booklet contains key facts about Ukraine.

3. Presentations of Success Stories of foreign companies in Ukraine. 

Updated information on foreign investments in Ukraine as of August 2019 is also provided.

Above mentioned materials could be download here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1QzSHosRQM7J7SIlVuxl5_m_s-vE5ZBXt.

Odesa`s Export Support Center 

We submit for your kind attention information about Odesa region. It is a logistics center of Ukraine, a modern highly developed industrial complex, one of the leaders in the production of agricultural and food products, as well as a region where innovative projects are being successfully developed. The potential of production of competitive products in the Odesa region far exceeds the domestic needs of the country.

We would like to present Odesa`s Export Support Center which nowadays opened its doors to entrepreneurs who need assistance in the export business.

The global mission of Export Support Center is the creation and support of the reputation of the Odesa region abroad as a region where quality products are produced, where entrepreneurs with a positive business history are working, where economic and investment climate contributes to long-term partnerships.

The main goals of the Center are:

  • increase of competitiveness of SMEs in international markets;
  • stimulation of export activity among producers of the Odesa region;
  • raising the level of knowledge and skills of entrepreneurs of the Odesa region in the field of foreign economic activity.

Website: http://www.esc.in.ua/en/home/

To see video about Odesa`s Export Support Center, please, click http://www.esc.in.ua/about-us-2/

Dnipropetrovsk region investment guide

We have the honor to submit for kind attention of the business circles of Finland and Iceland the Dnipropetrovsk region 2019 investment guide.

Dnipropetrovsk region is an economically developed and investment-attractive region of Ukraine, providing more than 11% of the country's economy. The region is characterized by a powerful industrial and scientific potential, developed agro-industrial complex, logistics and energy infrastructure.

Dnipropetrovsk region - is one of the main labor markets in Ukraine, where 1,5 mln people (8,5% out of the total number of Ukraine) of economically active population are concentrated. The region ranks second among the regions in terms of working-age population employment – 69,2%, while the registered unemployment level is 8% (121,5 thousand people).

There are three sections in the guide`s content.

  1. Region profile, which provides information on the region geographic location, main demographic and economic indicators, as well as transport and logistic infrastructure.
  2. Economy in numbers. The section offers detailed information on the region's economy main sectors, results of enterprises economic, investment and foreign economic activity, as well as trade agreements that operate in Ukraine, tax system and preferences.
  3. Investment directions. The section provides both priority investment directions and areas for the investment projects, which provides both priority investment directions and areas for the investment projects

All information presented in this publication can be found on the website of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Investment Agency www.dia.dp.gov.ua

Zaporizhzhya region Investment passport

We have the honor to submit for kind attention of the business circles of Finland and Iceland the  Zaporizhzhya region Investment passport: https://investment.zoda.gov.ua/en/Invest-potential

Zaporizhzhya region is an economically developed and investment-attractive region of Ukraine, providing more than 12% of the country's machine-building complex, 40,4% of Ukraine`s metallurgical complex, 29,5% of energy complex and 5,4% of farmland.

Zaporizhzhya region - is one of the main labor markets in Ukraine, where 1,7 mln people (8,9% out of the total number of Ukraine) of economically active population are concentrated. The region ranks first among the regions in terms of innovation at industrial undertaking.

Investment offers

Catalogue of exporters of Cherkasy region “Buy from Cherkasy region” 2021  

Investment Passport of Cherkasy Oblast 

Investment Passport of Chernihiv Oblast

Investment Passport of Chernivtsi Oblast 

Investment Passport of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast 

Investment Passport of Ivano-Frankivs’k Oblast 

Investment Passport of Kharkiv Oblast 

Investment Passport of Kherson Oblast 

Investment Passport of Khmelnytsky Oblast 

Investment Passport of Kirovograd Oblast 

Investment passport of Kryvyi Rih  

Investor's Guide of Kryvyi Rih

Investment Passport of Lviv Oblast

Investment Passport of Mykolayiv Oblast 

Investment Passport of Odesa Oblast 

Investment Passport of Poltava Oblast 

Investment Passport of Rivne Oblast 

Investment Passport of Ternopil Oblast 

Investment Passport of Vinnytsya Oblast 

Investment Passport of Zaporizhzhya Oblast 

Ukrainian Exporters Database

Business Directory of Ukrainian enterprises

Investment proposal of the Ukrainian Public Organization «The Association of Mushroom Producers of Ukraine»
Nationwide public organization «The Association of Mushroom Producers of Ukraine» is looking for a reliable business partners for the realization of the international investment project «Mushroom industry».
The complex «Mushroom industry» is a modern industrial full-cycle production with a capacity of 25 tons of mushrooms and mushroom products per day.
To view the additional materials about the project, please, click here.
To get more detailed information, please, send your inquiries to [email protected]

Investment offer «Centre of tranosseous osteosynthesis»
Kherson Oblast State Administration is looking for potential investors for the implementation of the investment project in the field of health.
The main purpose of the project is a treatment of patients with congenital and acquired pathology of locomotor apparatus (musculoskeletal system) such as multicomponent deformations of extremities (acquired and congenital), ununited and wrong united fractures, bone abnormalities, shortening of extremities etc.
Project cost is $1-5 mln. USD.
To view the form of the investment offer, please, click here.
Contact data:
73003, Ukraine, Kherson, 1, Svobody str.
phone/fax: +38 0552 26 21 11
e-mail: [email protected]
Atsehovsky Dmytro

Investment offer «Construction and exploitation of industrial production complexes alternative to the oil of the plant liquid fuel for carburetor, injector, diesel and turbojet engines on the basis of sugar plant and distilleries wastes of Lviv Oblast»
Lviv Oblast State Administration is looking for potential investors for the implementation of the investment project in the field of alternative liquid fuel.
Project tasks:
1.To provide the European Union and Ukraine with more higher level of energy and defense security.
2.To develop a complete alternative to oil. To develop patterns and productive technologies of liquid vegetable oil alternative fuel (phytofuel) for carburetors, diesel and turbojet engines.
3.To develop examples of ecologically pure phytofuel, which would not contain pesticides (ethylplump, aromatic hydrocarbons).
4.To ensure professional work for young specialists, to create new working places at the phytofuel industrial plant. 500 persons are planned to be engaged in work.
Overall cost: €20,380,000.
Terms of realization: 5 years.
Terms of payback and efficiency: 8.5 years.

To view the presentation and techno-economic assessment of the innovative project, please, click here and here.

Investment offer LLC «Plant Berezovsky mineral water»
LLC «Plant Berezovsky mineral water» is looking for mutually beneficial cooperation and reliable partnership in particular for the realisation of a joint investment project.
Plant is one of the largest producers of natural mineral water and soft drinks in Ukraine. Berezovsky water source is located in an ecologically clean area. Bottling of mineral water in bottles made on seven automated lines. Nominal output line is 2500 bottles per hour.
Quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001: 2009 as well as the products of TM «Berezovskaya» certified management system of food safety HACCP. Mineral water «Berezovskaya» included into catalog «Mineral water of the planet».
Contact information:
Ukraine, Kharkiv
phone/fax: +38(057)759-09-21; 759-09-22; 759-09-23
e-mail: [email protected], [email protected]
web-site: www.berezivska.ua 

Investment offer of «SITIK-AGRO» farming enterprise

Investment Teaser “Establishment of the Beekeeping Complex for 2000 bee colonies” 

Investment offer of «Woodrover»

Investment offers of Kryvyi Rih

Announcement of industrial park “CENTRAL” 

Announcement for investors 

Investment project ofHideez” 

Investment projectABC Talk with me!” 

Investment projectZOIZ” 

Investment project of DEMUT” 

Investment project “Luciding”


Ukratoprylad_investment request


Training center “Vinnytsiaelectrotekhnologiya”

Investment projects “Business Sharks”

Investment Passport of Kamianka District 

Announcement of carrying out the open tender competition for selection of a management company of Industrial park "Pavlohrad"

Investment Projects of Public Private Partnership of Ministry of Justice of Ukraine: Construction of detention centers and prisons in the State Penal Service of Ukraine

Bucha – a city of festivals 

INVESTMENT PROJECT of Limited Liability company “TRK Tehnosistema

Construction and operation of a solar power plant in Ukraine

A privately owned enterprise «Hermes-2» in the Ivano-Frankivsk region of Ukraine is looking for partners and investors for construction of solar power plants with installed capacity about 5-10 MW and wind power plants. Ukrainian legislation guarantees the purchase of energy produced by the plants to be put into operation before 31.12.2019 at a rate of €0,1503/kWh. The investments will be realistically repaid within seven years under these conditions.

Company will coordinate all issues related to the lease of land and preparing documentation for each long-term lease of land and technical documents for further connection to the United Energetic System of Ukraine. Solar power plants are planned to be placed in the Western region of Ukraine.
Contact point:
Volodymyr Palahniuk
«Hermes-1» and “Hermes-2” private enterprises
Tel.: +380673420484
E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected] 

Information on sale of an integral property complex cottage township “Pokrovskaya Dolina” and pig-breeding complex

INVESTMENT PROJECT Rehabilitation and Health Complex “Pokrovska Dolina”

THE QUESTIONNAIRE OF THE INNOVATION PROJECT Construction of solar station 40 MW in Vinnytsia region, Ukraine

THE QUESTIONNAIRE OF THE INNOVATION PROJECT Construction of solar station 20 MW in Vinnytsia region, Ukraine

The project "Prykarpattia EcoEnergy" LANCHYN

The project "Prykarpattia EcoEnergy" OLESHIV

The project "Prykarpattia EcoEnergy"  ZHYVACHIV

The project "Prykarpattia EcoEnergy"  MONASTYRYSKA

The project "Prykarpattia EcoEnergy" LANIVTSI

The project "Prykarpattia EcoEnergy"  UHORNYKY

The project "Prykarpattia EcoEnergy"  VYNOHRAD 

Investment potential of Ukraine

Export Portfolio of the agrarian sector of Ukraine 2019: #GROW UKRAINE export for U - https://minagro.gov.ua/storage/app/sites/1/for-investors/GrowInUkraine_2019-print.pdf

UkraineInvest - https://ukraineinvest.com/ 

Invest in Ukraine NOW brochure

Transformation Ukraine 

Statistical pocket booklet

Portal of investment opportunities in Ukraine - http://business-in-ukraine.online/about-us/


Ukraine’s Gas Market Reform 

Invest in Ukraine (Presentation

TOP-100 state-owned enterprises 

Transport Strategy of Ukraine for the period of up to 2020 

Useful information for investors - http://new.mtu.gov.ua/content/for-investors.html 

Experience Ukraine! We are open for Tourism

Transport Ukraine Open for U

Ukraine is changing 

Grow in Ukraine!

Ukraine Open for U 


Лифлет Invest in Ukraine

Брошюра Invest in Ukraine

Ukraine: Key Facts 

Invest in Ukraine 

Brief presentation of industrial parks in Ukraine as well as the translated text of the Law of Ukraine"On industrial parks". You may also find useful information about contact-persons in regions.



Ukraine: Turn to Growth. Investment Climate Outlook

Investment contact-points in Ukraine

Ukrainian Textile & Leather industry

Investment brochure 

Agricultural sector of Ukraine

Useful links


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