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How to Dispatch Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine
04 April 2024 17:40

Most of work is done by the Recipient of the aid

Since 1 December 2023

The Government of Ukraine has introduced an Automated Humanitarian Aid Registration System (AHARS) for receiving ALL KIND of humanitarian aid.

All Recipients of humanitarian aid must be registered in the AHARS.

The Recipients can ONLY be:

  • legal entities registered in Ukraine,
  • separate units of foreign Non-Governmental Organizations accredited in Ukraine,
  • offices of International Intergovernmental Organizations in Ukraine,
  • diplomatic missions and consular institutions of foreign states in Ukraine,
  • the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

ONLY such registered Recipients can receive humanitarian aid from foreign donors and countries.

Since 1 April 2024

The customs declaration of humanitarian aid CAN NO LONGER be presented in paper at Ukraine’s border for transition.

The customs declaration of humanitarian aid (form attached) MUST ONLY be submitted digitally through the AHARS by the Recipient of the aid.

With the aim to effectively and smoothly organize the processes of transfer of humanitarian aid through the border we propose to use the following steps:

Preparation of the aid

A Donor is advised to submit to a Recipient a Donation letter (can be done by e-mail) - a written proposal to provide humanitarian aid with the list of goods.

!Charitable organizations cannot receive goods in the form of vehicles for the use in their activities!

The Donation letter should include:

  • Information about the aid/donation:
  • Category of the donated goods (vehicles, medical products, foodstuff, hygiene products, stationery, household goods, etc.);
  • Name of the goods (for example - “Volvo 2354”, indicating vehicle identification number, brand, commercial description (truck, passenger car, minivan, autobus, crane, emergency vehicle, etc.), engine volume and fuel type, year of manufacture; or “LG washing machine”, “Paracetamol”, etc.);
  • Donor’s full name and address (full legal name and registration address of a legal entity);
  • Country of the dispatch of the goods (for example, Finland);
  • Number of pieces in the smallest package;
  • Shelf life/service life of the goods;
  • Estimated number of pieces, weight/volume;
  • Weight is indicated both in gross weight and net weight.
  • Information about the legal form of the Recipient, name, address.
  • If necessary, a humanitarian aid agreement may be concluded.

Preparation for dispatch of the aid

Preparation for dispatch of humanitarian aid takes place ONLY AFTER:

1) the Recipient received and processed the Donation letter,

2) the Recipient accepted the proposed aid,

3) the Recipient confirmed the possibility to receive the aid.

Next step

The Donor provides the following documents and information to the Recipient:

  • Invoice;
  • Packing list;
  • Information about the vehicle, number plate, name and telephone of a driver (if the goods are delivered by the Donor).

UNIQUE CODE for customs clearance

To recognize the proposed goods as humanitarian aid for customs clearance, the Recipient submits the information about the goods to the AHARS by filling out necessary forms in the electronic cabinet.

A UNIQUE CODE for this humanitarian aid is generated, which is necessary for the import and customs clearance.

Customs declaration

After generating a Unique Code for the humanitarian aid, either the Recipient or the Donor fills a customs declaration (download) using the Unique Code.

IMPORTANT! The code is valid for 90 days from the date of its creation.

The customs declaration is valid for 30 days from the date of its creation.

In general, there is no significant changes for the Donor, except for the need to transfer information to the Recipient of the aid IN ADVANCE for registration of aid in the AHARS to obtain a UNIQUE CODE, without which the cargo will not be recognized as humanitarian aid by the customs authorities.

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