Посольство України в Фінляндській Республіці та Республіці Iсландія (за сумісництвом)

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Humanitarian aid to Ukraine

The illegal annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation and military activities of the armed groups of terrorists on the temporary occupied territories of eastern Ukraine with the support of the regular units of the Russian armed forces resulted in hardships, suffering and deaths of the civilian population. It has also been resulting, almost on a daily basis, with numerous casualties and injuries of the Ukrainian military personnel on duty while protecting daily life of people living in the conflict zone. 

The growing importance of providing an adequate humanitarian assistance, medical treatment and rehabilitation for IDPs and Ukrainian military personnel consolidates the efforts of the respective Ukrainian governmental institutions as well as NGOs and civil society organizations on humanitarian aspect of the situation.

This issue has gained international support as well as many partner countries’, including Finland, offering humanitarian aid, medical treatment and rehabilitation programs for Ukrainians in need, showing true solidarity and providing direct assistance to Ukraine.

We are grateful to the Government of Finland for providing humanitarian aid to our country and to the Finnish people who have already donated or plan to donate.

Here you can find an information on how to donate.


*Please note: the information provided here is based on the Ukrainian legislation and the Embassy’s experience; it’s not an instruction but an advice

The Embassy is not authorised to receive and/or transport humanitarian cargo or to be an intermediary.

Thank you!


Humanitarian aid – easy steps to donate

To simplify currant procedures in the sphere of donation of humanitarian aid, the amendments to the Ukrainian legislation have been adopted

- «On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine «On Humanitarian Aid» which provides the transfer of full powers on the recognition of small and special cargo of humanitarian aid to local administrations. The sanitary-epidemiological, veterinary-sanitary, phytosanitary, environmental and radiological control over the goods (articles) of humanitarian aid are carried out in the first turn and free of charge (enters into force on September 06, 2015);
- «On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine on taxation of non-profit organizations», which regulates equal approaches to the taxation of non-profit organizations and reduces the tax burden on charity activities; provides removal of any fiscal burden or limitation of voluntary assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other agencies involved in conducting of the Anti-terrorist operation;
- «On Amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine on the procedure of movement of goods to or from the area of conducting of the Anti-terrorist operation». In accordance with them, the control mechanism under movement of goods to or from the area of conducting of the Anti-terrorist operation is provided.

The Ukrainian Government’s Decree N451 of 30 June 2015 approved «Procedure of collecting public donations for combat, mobilization readiness, combat effectiveness and functioning of the Armed Forces of Ukraine».
The procedure defines mechanism of collecting public donations in the form of assets or goods throughout unspecified range of persons, including the use of movable (mobile) communications, media or through charity organizations for combat, mobilization readiness, combat effectiveness and functioning of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Updated lists of needs: Basic_needs_02.03.2015; Kyiv Clinical Hospital 02.03.2015; Medical treatment 02.03.2015; Clinical Hospital of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine in Odessa 18.03.2015; Information of the Ministry of social policy of Ukraine 20.03.2015; Information of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine 20.03.2015; List of basic needs of Public Organization «Ukrainian league of disabled persons «Nadia» 18.05.2015List of needs of Odessa Hospitals, Social Services Centers, Polyclinics, Maternity homes; List of needs of military servicemen, undergoing of medical treatment at the Odessa hospitalList of needs for ATO; List of needs of NGO «Civil Corps» 25.05.2016

List of organizations in Finland experienced in donating to Ukraine

List of organizations in Ukraine authorised to receive foreign humanitarian aid