Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Finland

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Ukrainians in Finland

The Ukrainian community in Finland is young, not numerous but united; it was formed mainly due to emigration and consists of about five thousand persons (as of January 01, 2018, about four thousand citizens of Ukraine are living permanently in Finland). Ukrainian communities live mostly in Helsinki, Tampere, Jyväskylä, Turku, Oulu and Salo.

Associations of Ukrainians: the «Ukrainian Association in Finland» was found in 1997. The main goal of its activity is gathering of Ukrainians residing in Finland, spreading the Ukrainian culture throughout the country, preserving the Ukrainian language. In 2014 in order to promote the Ukrainian language and Ukrainian culture the Association founded the Ukrainian theater. The Ukrainian Cinema Club also contributes to popularization of the Ukrainian cultural heritage in Finland. Ukrainians in Turku organized the association «Ukrainians in Finland». The organization was established in 2009. In Tampere the branch «Association of Ukrainians in Tampere» was founded. The International Ukrainian Cultural Center acts actively.

Associations of Ukrainians

Ukrainian Association in Finland



Association «Ukrainians in Finland» (Turku)



Branch «Association of Ukrainians in Tampere»